Rwandan Genocide

God protected seven Tutsi woman from Hutu murderers in the home a Hutu pastor who risked his life. Are you familiar with, “Left to Tell” an autobiographical account of survival and faith by Immaculée Ilibagiza; the wardrobe plays a very significant role in the events. 

God Sees All

Yep. God is present and attentive to every moment of
your life, every thought, every motive; every hair
on your head is counted. You are precious and deeply
valued and the angels KNOW it.

Slippery Slope

Most creatures like helping other creatures... but we
also need to know when we’ve over-reached.

Influence From The Other-Side

Was St. Francis a free-spirit and simple lover of
animals? A church re-builder? Major force in Heaven
and earth? Read, “The Little Flowers of St. Francis.”
BTW, Red-tape and process controls are no fun, but 
sometimes essential for repeatable success.

Cloud Computing

Any computing is cloud-computing since the data is
stored in the heavenly clouds of God’s knowledge, and
will be accessed eventually. FYI, nothing escapes his
OS and he has an infinite amount of bandwidth, RAM and
hard drive.

Their Human's are Married

In the covenant of marriage the humans are not the
only ones whose lives change. So when the emotions of
new love fade and the commitment of love is needed,
know that many creatures are affected by our choices.