Our Lady of Guadalupe Image

Experts have identified that there are human images 
reflected in the eyeball’s of Mary. It seems God
captured an image (almost like a camera) of those near Mary.
However, we are not aware of any angels visible in the reflection.

This image of Mary was inexplicably placed on Juan
Diego’s cloak (Tilma) in 1531, and is displayed today.

Porcelain Thrones

Porcelain thrones, toilets, commodes... they are
probably not needed in Heaven, but no harm in asking.

Remember that after Jesus was resurrected and returned
to earth in his glorified body he ate baked fish.

Dark Matter & Dark Energy Explained?

Did you know that many humans know about only 5 percent of the composition of the universe. They are aware of atoms and molecules, elements, planets and the
visible stuff... but the big question is what composes the other 95 percent?? Physicists teach that 
dark matter (roughly 25 percent) and dark energy (70 percent) make up the rest. Could it be that the angels themselves, souls of humans, and God and Heaven need to be quantified?

Guadalupe, Roses and Juan Diego

So how did those non-native castilian roses, found by Juan Diego in the high desert region... and in December, get there? Created by God
instantly or transplanted from Heaven by angels? The angels know
and one day some of us will know too.

Are you familiar with this 1531 historical event in Mexico?
Why did God manifest this phenomenon at this time?
What was the result? Who was healed and what image was seen?
Did you know that the image placed on Juan Diego’s
cloak (Tilma) is still displayed today.

St. Pope John Paul II Assassination Attempt

Careful review of the assassination attempt on beloved
Saint Pope John Paul II reveals that a series of well
timed events (one of which was JP2 seeing the medal hanging from
the young girl's neck and changing his posture slightly)
led to his survival. The professional
assassin was no match for God’s intervention through
Our Lady of Fatima and the guardian angels.

The Holy Trinity Explained

The nature of God and the relationship of the Father,
Son and Spirit often is a subject of metaphors and
explanations for MANY creatures. 54CC

Notice that the water is shown in three distinct states of matter:
a solid (ice), gas (steam) and liquid.
Which one relates to the Spirit?
(we're thinking the gas... but maybe plasma would be a better option)

School Bus Injuries

We don’t blame the angels for escaping the chaos of a bus
ride or two.

Rwandan Genocide

God protected seven Tutsi woman from Hutu murderers in the home a
Hutu pastor who risked his life. Are you familiar with, “Left to Tell” an autobiographical account of survival and faith by Immaculée Ilibagiza; the wardrobe plays a very significant role in the events. 

BTW, fringe physics buffs and a few Angels know about
the "Philadelphia Experiment" and invisibility.

Omniscient: God Sees and Knows All

Yep. God is present and attentive to every moment of
your life, every thought, every motive; every hair
on your head is counted. You are precious and deeply
valued and the angels KNOW it.

WorkFit Stand-Up Desk Inspires Others

Taking care of our body, mind and soul is always a good idea.
Humans were not meant to sit trapped at a desk all day.
Moving around and standing even while one works at a computer is
very easy when you have a WorkFit sit-stand desk.

Complex Humans

Ufdah, angels have their hands full. On the other
hand, if humans would simply remain close to God it
all becomes simpler... and the transformation into
God’s intent is attainable. 295YOUCAT

Check out the dotted line representing the soul in the above comic.
Does the soul follow the contours of the physical body in some dimension? 

Event Horizon of Black Hole

Did you know that physicists believe that there are
black holes at the center of each galaxy? Hawkins and
others have theories about the horizon (the point at
which light can not escape), and we have ours.